Ethical Wills

You have a plan for passing on your financial assets. How will you pass along your values, beliefs and life lessons? Introducing: the ethical will.

An ethical will... IS

about passing on your non-material assets: what you want people to KNOW, not have
also known as a legacy letter, it is written by you or someone who helps you
a positive expression of your beliefs and values, revealed through stories or moments in your life that inspired them; a testament of your deepest feelings and thoughts
a document that can be written as a general statement to your entire family or to a specific person, in which case it would explain why you treasure that person and the depth of your love for him/her.

An ethical will... IS NOT

a legal document... so it is not written by a lawyer
a last will and testament, or a living will
the story of your life
about revenge... so, no grievances allowed
Process and Elements for this service:

30-minute free consultation

The process is explained in-depth, we discuss your goals and expectations and any questions are answered. If you wish to proceed, a simple agreement is signed and a deposit given. A date & time is set up for the next step.

2-Hour recording session

Interview with one person conducted by phone or video conference. More of a conversation than a formal interview, this involves guided questions that lead to important stories, significant milestones and memories that inform the individual’s values, hopes for the future, etc. 

Creating the ethical will

The audio portion of the recording is transcribed, edited and your ethical will is created. This ethical will can be up to 20 pages long and include 15 scanned photos incorporated into the final product. Photos are scanned in-person by Jana or scanned by you and uploaded to a designated Dropbox file provided to you (or your authorized representative).


Your professionally produced ethical will is delivered in a personalized leatherette envelope/pouch no later than 4 weeks after the recorded interview.
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